Caterpillar, Mexico

We did the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop with my team with EXPLAYRIENCE facilitators. Our team – composed of 10 people – is responsible for the development of distributors in Mexico and Central America. The workshop helped us to provide clarity for our 2017 strategy, the projects we wanted to work on, its sequence and perhaps most importantly the role of each team member in the success. We had a lot of fun! Many of us play LEGO as children. The application of LEGO in the development of strategy helped us to define our projects, sharing and talking about the thoughts and ideas that probably without LEGO would not have existed. Building the models we realized that each person thinks so different that they create completely different models, although the model concept was the same. This allowed us to see the challenges from various angles and create more complete, more creative solutions and taking 100% creativity from the whole team. The final result of the workshop was clarity in the goals for 2017. With this clarity we achieved most of our objectives as a team. LEGO serious play is an excellent tool to connect with creativity and strengthen teamwork. The role of the facilitator is critical: their ability to observe and ask questions so that the participants really reflect on their models. In our team we had many “WOW” moments taking out the ideas of our subconscious with the questions of facilitators and organizing our models for the strategy of the year.

We finish very happy and very clearly in the objectives.”

Guillermo Baistrocchi, Caterpillar, Mexico.