¿What is explayrience®?

We innovate in a playful way to develop talent through experiences in the business, educational and cultural fields.

¿Where are we going?

To be recognized as one of the best companies delivering different, playful, sustainable and functional solutions.

Thematic Spaces

Using playful tools we strengthen their organizational culture.


Skills, knowledge and attitudes with innovative tools.


Change the way you transmit knowledge and improve your training methods.


Part of our essence is to stimulate our creativity applied to business environments.


We design our own tools according to your needs and objectives.

High motivation

Integration with quality and creativity through different experiencies.

Our business lines

We facilitate and develop innovation projects using playful tools with results orientation, high motivation, great creativity and great impact.

Development of innovation projects

Playful tools to stimulate creativity

We design programs for organizations and, most importantly, focused on people, with whom we develop competencies and strengthen their processes using playful tools.

Competencies development

Adaptation of processes with games

Our solutions

We create value developing our new proper solutions aligned to its needs. Based on your requirements and applying our experience with playful tools we create three types of activities to develop programs or individual space. We also use complementary tools or certification processes that added to our service we offer value to your solutions.

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Sharing experiences

To break paradigms by realizing that playful tools are also for adults and that we can learn easily with a long term remembrance.

Sharing experiences

To obtain faster results in its organizational environment, strategic planning and solutions that sensitizes people in order to improve from the basis.

Sharing experiences

With ongoing work the organizational culture is strengthen in a more sustainable way impacting productivity, sales and the whole organizational culture.

Sharing experiences

Use training spaces as a great investment rather than relate them as a simple expense.

Sharing experiences

Stop hiring traditional and bored spaces using the same market offers to strengthen the staff members.

¿To whom do we do it?

We know games are part of our human nature; therefore, it applies in many aspect of our daily life. From there, we develop our own concepts in three main sectors: entrepreneur, educative and cultural.


At the Business Sector we apply it to any type of companies and markets. An example is our experience in sectors such as production, pharmaceutical, chemicals, show business, retail, tourism, engineering, consultancy among others.


At the educative sector we help changing the way knowledge is conveyed; strengthening the concepts using playful tools.


At the cultural sector we transform ideas in playful scenarios creating more impact, applying creativity and allowing creating a highly memorable experience.

Our team

Explayrience® is more than methodologies and different games; is a life style seducing us with playful tools as the center to change the way we live so we are more aware on the impact of empathy and trust; to be coherent with our thoughts and our doing; giving always the best we can and be a true family. Explayrience® is an experience of life.

Enrique Roa Cabana

“With transparency, trust, being a model and living our own tools we offer a life style to our customers”

Karen Perea Coria

“”With XPL my creativity has arisen together with by heart and strength to improve the world”

Paul Chin

“XPL is a world of life full of games that strengthen you cooperatively with a high competitive focus, accumulating achievements, experience, learning and skills, always advanced to the next level”

Luz Bustamante

“XPL is a way of living; contributing others and learning based on personal experiences”


Our Customers