Questions & Answers

How long has Explayrience® been in the market?

More than 8 years designing and creating better spaces to develop competencies and strengthening processes using playful tools in any type of enterprises and sizes.

What types of games are used?


We are concern on designing our own playful tools to offer unique experiences of great value aligned to their needs. Besides, we are awarded by selected certifications that complement our solutions to create a creative and effective brand.

Do you have individual activities or do you also apply programs?


Both. Depending on the theme, we recommend either one or the other. We can organize integration spaces with high level of creative content up to a complete agenda to develop and follow-up the needs of one company aligned to the organizational philosophy.

How do we know if those activities work?


Our tools work as an art or sport. In order to learn or improve our skill we need practice. To become painters, we need to practice; also in order to develop leadership or proper communication we need to practice. If we want to be supportive, we need to practice but we cannot make our kids be supportive just by telling them once, we need to be a model for them. We create experiences that together with joint work are an example from the highest levels of the organization; sensitizing everybody that we belong to a team; breaking paradigms and giving the proper follow-up with the support from the organization results are shown.

What is the difference between your activities and those offered in the market?


We don’t have boring spaces; we don’t use traditional activities; we don’t apply tools other use or the way they use it; we are not trainers talking at every moment carrying out small dynamics and we are not consultants forcing them to do what in the end they know they shall do. We create high motivation; long term results; achievable and evident commitments; we design creative spaces as we wish to receive them; we live what we do and we love the XPL mode.

How are the prices compared with other activities of the market?


We have a wide range of activities, spaces and prices that depend upon their needs. Let us contact you so you get to know the flexibility, creativity and variety we handle.

What can I do to meet you?


We invite you to visit our promotional workshops where you can learn first-hand our dynamics, theories, principles and tools. We can also be in touch to visit you and give a presentation of our services.