People are the most important thing in organizations. Hence, we give importance to a line dedicated to their development and training.

XPL People is our line for the development of competences and skills at the business level, but it also includes incorporating the playful tools into processes, tasks or corporate knowledge to facilitate learning through high motivation and greater retention.



XPL People includes two areas of action that give a wide range for the application and versatility of the ludic tools developing the most important of the companies. These areas are:

  • Competencies Development: Numbers are important, but strengthening culture is much more, therefore, developing teams, forming leaders, increasing empathy, aligning communication, facilitating planning, managing change, increasing the culture of service, promote synergies, among other competences, work with high results orientation.
  • Strengthen Processes: We take needs, we put ourselves in their shoes, we set goals, we generate a project, we incorporate play mechanics, we get results and we strengthen the culture and identity.